Maya – A true Story

I wrote this story on the 9th of December 2011. I was actually doing this for an assignment it was supposed to be a favor to a friend he had to submit a story for his English assignment. I remember the date because something happened that day I will tell you what happened that day but first read the story that i wrote it was a two pages story so please excuse me if I rush in the end of the story

In the midst of cold bleak night, a thunder-like sound wakes the occupants of Greenland valley. It was the beginning of a war between France and Germany. The noise roared every-day and a few hours of quite were the only moment for the Jackson’s to think of their life.

The Jackson family was a little family that lived in the distant area of France in a city named sedan. It was the time of World War II. On 27th January 1940 sedan got heavily bombarded by the German fighter plane. It was the day that nobody believed, what will come and yet so soon.

Mr. Jackson was on the way to home from the church when the first plane passed and the voice shattered the quiet neighborhood and it was that voice of shattering wood and glass and a boom that was heard across the city. Siren went off as it was to alarm the people of sedan that war is on their doorsteps and panic and fear can be seen on every face as they rushed and ran through the streets to get to their homes and somewhere safe. Mr. Jackson rushed through the crowds that running passed as the second bomb hit the house nearby “chaos” that was the word that described the situation and all of the people looked at the sky as the plane’s passed. Jackson came to his house and found this family in the basement it was dark and humid, his wife and daughter hiding under a table. Jackson came and got the hold of them as he would protect them from the fire and smoke that can be smelled in the home and screams can be heard from the agonizing and tormented bodies that suffered the sudden pain.

A flash of light came and filled the basement and the little girl lost her conscious. Hours passed as the planes flew across the city and breathed fire. Two days passed and the people that looked for the survivors searched the debris that was once where people lived and children played. A voice that got the attention of Thomas and he started digging the remains of what used to be a house he called for help from the people who was there to help and after few hours a little girl was found safe and sound in the arms of a man that was recognized as the father of that poor child. The little girl was named Maya by the family who got her possession.

The first few years passed rather well for Maya the new family she got looked after and the lady that was now known as her mother was a lovely lady merciful and  kind-hearted and her new father was a businessmen, but dark days never left her and came again and filled what was left of her world. The new father she got lost his life as he was traveling in a train accident the news was brought by the partner in work.

Maya now a 15 year old girl she was starting to get a hold of the life she started working in a bakery for the money she needed for her studies. She was taking lessons from an old lady that taught her English reading and writing. She was sharp and easily grasps information the old lady had to give. It was part of her daily routine to go to a nursery and help the kids in their daily school work.

Two years passed as the little Maya got bigger she saved money and moved to Frankfurt. The old lady her mother died from fever after moving on to Frankfurt it was just another misery she went through and now she was all alone she started baking cookies and setup a stall in front of her house from where she earns her living. Some months passed people started recognizing her by her cookies business. She gained popularity people came from distant places as her business grew. One day a man came and brought some cookies from her, after eating those tasty cookies he asked Maya where she learned to make those cookies, after having some chit chat he introduced him to her that he was not an ordinary man, he was a famous article writer who wrote many column on food and traveling. He proposed her to explain her story to him, so he could write an article on her. After telling the whole story, he started crying and patted on her shoulder. He was so impressed by her that how she managed her life from the day she lost her family till date, so he decided to write a column about her life and her tasteful recipe which she learned during her struggle for life.

After the article published people read and many people searched for her existence, to help her by any means they could possibly do, some entities also seek for her and helped Maya to grow her cookie business from a stall to shop. She hired some pastry chefs and grew her business more vast time by time. She entirely changed the look of her shop and re-decorated the interior. The theme she applied on her shop was the time she remembered as the days of the War. She baked cakes which look like beautiful houses surrounded by jellies and chocolates which look like soldiers pointing Guns at their house. Children’s as well as elders loves those emotions passed through her cookies, cakes and pastries. Many people came to enjoy the War theme; many came to consolidate their feelings. As time passed her recipe spread all over France, people came from far lands to eat her cookies. Maya was 23 years old when she had accomplished what seemed impossible for a normal person she had her own business running and saved money for her living and for her future.

Generations passed, there is still a shop named “Jackson Bakers” in Frankfurt that can still be found easily in downtown where the same War Themed shop is still running and selling their famous War cookies, cakes and pastries. It is the reminder of that little girl named Maya who survived during World War, where so many lost their life and loved ones. Maya fought the battle for her life which was worse than the War between the countries.

Well that the end of the story now to the real story after writing this and emailing my friend the story i went to bed it was about 6:00am well yeah i know it was late but hye! I didn’t have to go to any office or school. so I went to bed and I woke up that sounded like nothing I’ve ever heard it was not thunder-like as I told in the story above it was much more horrifying sound. I couldn’t think of anything that explains that noise as soon as I woke up I was moving around the house checking on everyone of my family and trying to figure out what made that noise I noticed murkiness outside my balcony but neglected it as I thought it was fog few minutes passed but we weren’t able to find anything that explained the noise. We noticed the fog clearing and heard some people saying something in loudly so I went in my balcony and looked outside I saw some people gathering around I couldn’t see clearly as there was a tree blocking my vision I saw some other men going towards the crowd I shouted and asked them “what happened” and the answer was “bomb blast”. It was 7:08am in the morning when the blast happened it was across the street about 30 meters from my home what my window glasses were shattered but the tree saved my home from the blast wave the people living on the floors above me suffered more losses.Below is the link to the actual news:

I can say that we cannot imagine or put the hardships in words people go through after those incidents.I was not able to imagine what the family of those martyrs that were standing there to protect us while I was sleeping went through. So I am here writing about those wonderful people that died in these bomb blasts those innocent people I was bot able to do anything for you but I would give anything to stop something like this from ever happening again…